Club Café | Prownes Wnętrza

Club Cafe


Year of execution: 2017


Location: Lubaczów

Scope of services:


  • Interior design
  • Construction and installation of modules
  • Finishing work
  • Interior arrangement
  • Comprehensive facility furnishing

Café and confectionery module is a comprehensive solution allowing the investor to get close to the customer in a very short time. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, we can build perfectly designed facilities, practically for every location in places that are currently unavailable for modern commerce.

A complete facility can be built within 2 weeks, whereas the construction of traditional facilities usually takes at least 3 months. Such a solution may generate large savings, while shortening the time necessary for opening. A very important feature is the possibility of quick modernization of the facility depending on market needs.

Modular facility


The facility consists of ready-made elements previously prepared by our company which are then assembled on-site. Most of the elements of the equipment are built into individual modules.

The cost of building of a square meter of a modular shop is much lower than the costs incurred in the construction of a traditional, stand-alone building. The main advantage of this solution is the lack of the need for a building permit, which saves the time necessary to start a business.

Photos of the finished project