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Designing and arranging private interiors


Designing private spaces requires an individual approach. It is crucial to listen to the customer’s needs and understand them as well as to consider the opinions of the other members of the household. Therefore, each project is created on the basis of individual arrangements with the investor. Our approach to designing interiors is comprehensive as we know that this is a process during which we create much more than a functional and beautiful space. We provide the spaces entrusted to us with a unique and intimate ambience.

The space that surrounds us is a part of our everyday life. The area where we spend time everyday has a significant influence on our mood. Our experienced architects are aware of this.

We provide:


A flexible approach


A personalised approach to both the suggested project solutions and the range of our services itself allows us to tailor our offer to personal preferences of the investors. In order to meet your expectations, we will ensure the most optimal scope of cooperation so as to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time.


Supervision and execution


During the execution stage, you will be offered an extensive range of forms of support, starting from single designer visits, including a comprehensive “turnkey“ option. Regardless of your decision, you will receive executional support from our verified contractors and the highest quality of craftsmanship of our furniture.


Warranty and post warranty service


Our goal is to provide you with an interior, which is functional, aesthetic, well-designed, but also pleasant for the eye and longlasting.
To achieve this purpose, we provide a warranty and post warranty service, allowing you to enjoy your interior at all times.

The scope of our activities


At the stage of making arrangements with the investor we suggest the preparation of the entire project or a part of the interior. It is up to you to define the scope of works which will be executed and which rooms will be covered. We advise you which operation mode to choose, in order to provide you with the most optimal range of services for the given investment.

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Zlate Horysalon w rezydencji

A home – Zlate Hory CZECH REPUBLIC

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Our company specialises in comprehensive service from the project to completion. We offer our customers tailored solutions in accordance with their individual needs and expectations, providing them with professional advice and support on each stage of execution. We focus on architectural interior design of flats, apartments and residences.

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