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The History
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Prownes emerged as a result of the transformation of the Promas company, founded in 1989, which specialised in the manufacture of prototype machines and industrial equipment. It was one of the few companies in Poland which manufactured and supplied a wide range of comprehensive shop and display systems, including an innovative patented system offered on the market under the name „R6”.



Connecting experience in the technological field with competence in creating functional, modern and designer spaces has allowed us to carry out hundreds of investments. We have received over a dozen industry awards and, most importantly, helped many entrepreneurs succeed.


years on the domestic and international market

Gepard Biznesu

distinguishes us??


What distinguishes our company is our turnkey approach, our original solutions and the fact that we handle furniture and equipment manufacture ourselves. Thanks to that, we are able to implement the most demanding and unique projects, “tailored for your business.”
Our care for details and good design mean that your interior will not only be functional but also unique!

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