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    Finishing works, interior design, manufacture and assembly of furnishings

    If you entrust us with a comprehensive implementation of your investment, you will be able to avoid surprises related to unforeseen costs. Such a broad form of cooperation during the execution of the investment will reduce the time necessary to open the premises. All work will be carried out on the basis of the approved technical and technological documentation and in line with the agreed budget.

    We make furnishings in our own manufacturing plant.

    In the process of their production, we cooperate only with proven and reliable contractors. The equipment, materials and semi-finished products supplied by them guarantee that the finished products will be of the highest quality.


    Our assembly and installation team are well acquainted with working on the basis of a schedule. The experienced project managers watch over the correctness and compliance of each investment. Thanks to all of this, the processes are transparent to the customer at every stage of the investment and that the final result is of the highest quality.

    We carry out work in the following fields:

    • Construction and finishing works
    • Execution of industrial installations
    • Composition and design
    • Manufacture of furnishings
    • Technical and technological design
    • Comprehensive implementation of the interior