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Comprehensive implementation of commercial spaces from A to Z

Support at every stage of the investment


To our customers we offer support at every stage of investment connected to the execution of commercial spaces We assist in the selection of a concept and analyse the needs for spatial solutions. We design, finish and furnish. With us, you can be sure that the entire process will be completed in accordance with the agreed time-frame and budget and that the final interior will be an effective tool in achieving your business goals.

Execution of space arrangement projects
and investor’s supervision


The execution of commercial space arrangement projects requires particular attention and control of many elements at each stage of the investment.
Our way of work ensures that you do not have to worry about your investment – we take care of everything. Our approach guarantees our customers’ comfort and safety and ensures high quality, cost rationalisation and reduction in the execution time. We will advise you and help you transform the interior in accordance with the project and the investors’ preferences, in order for it to become an effective instrument in achieving your business goals.

+Warranty and repair

Our professional and experienced engineering and technical staff provides investment service at all of its stages – from technical consultancy to design, execution and warranty and post-warrant service.



We analyse the location in terms of its appropriateness for the given commercial activity, survey the inventory and analyse the investment potential.

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Each commercial space arranged on the basis of the analysis of the needs of the customers, guests or employees must meet the aesthetic and operational requirements. A modern, appropriately designed space is a tool which has substantial influence on the guests, customers and, in particular, the employees. The decor not only sets the standard of the place, impacts the guests’ mood and influences their loyalty.

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If you entrust us with the investment, you can avoid surprises involving unforeseen costs or delays. We conduct all works related to the investment in accordance with the previously approved technical documentation and budget. Years of experience in carrying out comprehensive projects made us able to foresee all aspects involving execution at the conceptual stage, which significantly accelerates investment implementation.

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We provide professional consultancy and assistance in optimising the financing of the investment project, which brings about a reduction in the execution cost.
Thanks to our continuous, long-time cooperation with the European Leasing Fund, we are able to help our customers through the lease contract signing procedures.
We prepare business plans required to apply for EU grants. Our cost estimates are precise and realistic in execution. The procedure is essential in order to execute the investment in line with the application, in the defined time-frame and without exceeding the budget.

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Repairs and maintenance


Thanks to our approach, you do not have to worry about your investment – we will provide you with a completed project, which meets the highest requirements in terms of utilisation, technical standards, legal standards and safety and ensures long usability. In order to guarantee functionality while maintaining aesthetic qualities, we provide a warranty and post-warranty service. Our approach guarantees the comfort and safety of our customers’ as well as ensures high quality, cost rationalisation and reduction in the execution time. That is why, you do not have to worry about the success of your investment.

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