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    Designing and arranging cafes

    Although the popularity of cafés is usually attributed to delicious desserts, ice cream, smoothies and good customer service, the ambience prevailing in the restaurant plays an equally important role. We understand that thoughtful design is critical when arranging space.

    How we operate?

    If you entrust us with attending to the design and implementation of the arrangement of your space, you will be sure to acquire beautiful and functional interiors, which will not only act as a comfortable place of recreation for your visitors but also as a workplace designed and built to increase employee performance and comfort of work.

    With our support, you will be able to avoid mistakes – we will ensure that the final effect is spectacular. Before the implementation of the project, we will provide you with photorealistic visualisations of our proposed design.

    Prownes stands for high standard and prestige

    Thanks to our assistance, you can save time and money and ensure a spectacular final effect that will guarantee an improvement in the standard and prestige of your place.