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    Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

    1. What is the price of the project?

    Each project is priced individually. The price of the project is an individual matter and depends on the scope and size of the designed interiors.

    We make a preliminary valuation on the basis of the sent, dimensioned projections or development documentation of the premises.

    You will receive a final quote after our visit and determining the scope of works and the inventory taken by us.

    In order to discuss the project and its pricing, we would like to invite you to contact us via contact form on our website

    2. What does the project include?

    The Prownes’ comprehensive project includes the following:

    • Technical description
    • Functional layouts of the premises, i.e. 2–3 options to choose from
    • Multi-discipline documentation approved by GIS [Chief Sanitary Inspector] and BHP [OSHA]
    • 3D visualization – after selecting one of the three functional layouts
    • Full cost estimate of the investment

    3. How long does it take to prepare the project documentation?

    Most of our projects are completed within 2 weeks as of signing the contract for the design and the implementation of the interior architecture.

    Implementation time depends on the size of the area to be designed and the scope of the contract.

    4. What does the turn-key implementation consist of?

    Prownes offers the option of “turn-key implementation.

    This is a convenient form of cooperation primarily for the client as it ultimately saves time and often the invested funds. By handing over the interiors to us at the agreed stage of the project, you receive a property fully prepared for operation. We handle all the purchasing logistics – from building materials to decorative elements, furniture production and installation, along with the equipment included in the project.

    5. When to establish cooperation with us?

    The timing of the start of cooperation is crucial to the success of the investment; therefore, when asked when? We always answer: as soon as possible. We recommend establishing cooperation as soon as the premises are purchased because it allows to make development or construction changes at an early stage of the investment, which significantly optimises the final costs of the client.

    6. Do you offer your design services in my city?

    Prownes operates all over Poland and Europe.

    7. You did not find an answer to your question?

    You are welcome to contact us via form on our website. We will also respond quickly via Messenger, or email: