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    Design and arrangement of bakeries and confectioneries

    “One feasts their eyes first” – goes a well-known saying. But what does this mean for bakers and confectioners?

    Regardless of how delicious and healthy the offered products are, the surroundings in which the customer makes the purchase are of key importance. The first thing that draws our attention upon entering a confectionery is the character of the interior, its atmosphere and friendly staff and, in particular, the way the goods are displayed. Contemporary bakeries and confectioneries are expected not only to provide takeaway sales, but also to serve as a restaurant, where the client can comfortably rest and eat the offered products. Because of the growing tendency to work longer hours and spend more time out, people prefer places which offer not only fresh breads, but also quick snacks such as sandwiches or warm tarts, complimented by delicious aromatic coffee to be indulged in in a beautiful and cosy interior.

    How we operate?

    • After listening to your wishes and remarks, we will create a project based on your expectations.
    • We will help you choose the best solutions, thanks to which you will be able to open your shop sooner than you think.
    • You will see a realistic visualisation of the interior of your shop.
    • We will provide you with a precise outline of the costs, which will ensure that you will not be surprised by unforseen costs.
    • We will advise you on an optimal source of financing.
    • Our production plant guarantees that the furnishings are of the highest quality, made with care for details and in line with your expectations.
    • We will perform construction and installation works, deliver and assemble the furnishings and equipment.
    • You will get a fully furnished shop that is ready to use.
    • We will provide you with warranty and post warranty service.

    Because of the immense competition shops need to stand out and attract customers not only with top quality products, but also with an inspiring and beautiful interior. When it comes to bakers and confectioners with their own retail outlets, creating an individual, consistent and recognisable style, is absolutely crucial. This will increase customers’ trust and their attachment to the brand. Professionally implemented, beautiful and familiar interior is seen as a promise that the purchased products are going to be characterised by the same high quality and flavour, regardless of the retail point.

    Should you decide to entrust your shop to us, our professional and experienced team of designers and the PROWNES engineering staff will guarantee that the implementation of your order takes place in a professional manner at all of its stages – from creating the project to its execution. Because of this you will receive a store, which integrates functionality, high quality and unique style.

    Prownes stands for high standard and prestige

    Bakeries and confectioneries are our specialties and passion. This is where it all started. Years of experience and dozens of completed projects have allowed us to get to know all of the needs and ills of bakers and confectioners. That is why you may rest assured of the success of your investment!