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commercial spaces


We analyse the location in terms of the possibility of using the object for a specific commercial activity, carry out inventory and analyse the investment potential.

Commercial interiors should meet the functional requirements while maintaining aesthetic values. Regardless of whether it is an office, a café or a hotel, the space in which your business operates has a real impact on the financial results of your company.



In the case of service premises such as cafés and restaurants, design sets the standard of the place, influences the mood of the guests and makes it easier to gain a group of loyal customers.

Clever solutions


Clever product display, optimally designed aisles and the application of appropriate brand management solutions are all crucial element of an effective business.

Thanks to our experience, you will be able to use the hidden potential of in your interior to the fullest.

We design interiors taking into account not only the aesthetics but also the technical, technological aspects and the character of the products. Thanks to this, the interiors of your confectionery, café, office or hotel will not only be eye-catching, but also practical and, above all, functional.